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How to go from coaching to a successful online course with Bonnie Gillespie

In this episode of the GrowthLab series, Business Casual, Heather Giannone interviews Bonnie Gillespie, the author of Self Mangement for Actors. ( In addition to being a highly successful coach and entrepreneur, she also casts really cool indie films. And she's also an accomplished actor herself. How she finds the time, we don't know.

Bonnie's career took off when she published, Self Management for Actors, which she describes as the book she needed when she moved to Los Angeles and tried to break into the world of professional acting.

There are amazing nuggets of wisdom and in this interview, plus the beautiful story of the exact moment when Bonnie realized her online course was going to be successful. (spoiler alert: you may happy cry) If her story doesn't give you the motivation to create an online course, then nothing will.

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